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Taaza Khabar

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Taaza Khabar Web Series

Taaza Khabar web series from Sat Torrent to watch it online. Disney Plus published the web series. The Taaza Khabar on Hotstar serves as the debut for Bhuvan Bam (BB Ki Vines). In addition to him, Shreya Pilgaonkar plays an important role in series. The story of ‘Taaza Khabar,’ a web series, is like a cocktail.

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It demonstrates how a sanitation worker can become wealthy overnight. The audience has been thoroughly entertained by Bhuvan Bam’s comedy videos. Each episode of the show lasts approximately 30 minutes. There are six episodes in total. Taaza Khabar Download in HD Quality. Bhuvan Bam’s acting skills have undoubtedly improved.

He performs better and more naturally on-screen than ever before. Bhuvan Bam, the uncrowned YouTube king, needs no introduction. His name is well-known to his supporters, who praise from all over the world.

Taaza Khabar Release Date

The YouTuber shocked everyone by releasing his web series “Taaza Khabar” earlier than anticipated when everyone was expecting its release on January 6. Taaza Khabar first season released on January 5, 2023. Disney+ was supposed to release the series on January 6, 2023. On December 13, 2022, the first trailer for the show “Taaza Khabar” was released.


The protagonist of the tale is a sweeper who finds himself with a large windfall of cash. Afterwards, His life underwent a lot of adjustments after it. Bhuvan Bam plays Vasanth in the Series. He has an office job. They constantly harbor the hope of material success.

In Taaza Khabar Story Vasant “Vasya” Gawade, a garbage collector, is the main character. He finds a magical gift that can tell the future, which changes his life and the lives of all those around him.

Taaza Khabar Episodes

The length of each episode is roughly 30 minutes. There are a total of 6 episodes. The Taaza Khabar Web Series is a great option for those who want to binge-watch something short and sweet. With only six episodes, it’s easy to finish the entire series in just a few hours.

Taaza Khabar Episode 1 – Khabardaar

Vasya struggles to survive in the slum areas. Madhu, a prostitute, is his only pleasure and lady love. One day, an elderly woman blesses him as a result of his kindness.

Episode 2 – Vardaan

Peter, a friend of Vasya, is the only one who believes in him, and together they decide to use his newfound strength to try to sell a vintage vase. Will they become the city’s kings as a result of their first mission?

Taaza Khabar Web Series Episode 3 – Azaadi

Vasya and Peter plan to assist a contestant in winning a live game show is unsuccessful, but all is not lost. Will the lovers be able to live together peacefully after he releases Madhu from the sex club?

Episode 4  – Kismat

The team begins to make a lot of money by placing bets on an upcoming cricket tournament. Vasya, however, is being watched by both the city and the police as he looks at his mother’s fantasy home.

Download Taaza Khabar Episode 5 – Baazi

Vasya starts to doubt his team and worries for his mother’s life. He makes a surprise marriage proposal to Madhu at a romantic dinner. However, her past catches up with her before she can answer.

Download Episode 6 of Taaza Khabar – Shraap

Vasya’s wish to own the villa is fulfilled, and his mother and group of friends move in. But as this good-hearted man develops a megalomaniac personality, his blessing turns into a curse. A prediction indicates that he will be murdered shortly thereafter.

Taaza Khabar Review

Both critics and fans had different opinions about Taaza Khabar.

  • The Times of India’s Archika Khurana gave it a rating of three out of five and wrote, “The way that “Taaza Khabar” captures the typical day-to-day activities of a simpleton with lofty goals makes it an interesting watch. Additionally, it illustrates how attitudes and behaviors change when there is money at stake.”
  • Expect no magic in Taaza Khabar, concluded Saibal Chatterjee in his NDTV review, and gave the web series 2.5 stars.
  • Sukanya Verma wrote for, “Half a dozen episodes feel like a casual conversation between writers planning events and their effects, but nothing is fully developed.”
  • For Koimoi, Subham Kulkarni wrote “The team adopts a feature film approach for a long format show that has the time to develop a slow burning story of a man rising from poverty to riches. Every five minutes, Vasant scales a new peak, leaving no time for the viewer to process his success and root for it.”
  • Manik Sharma at Firstpost wrote, “There is no lack of commitment here, as BB goes all out to fit into a role that doesn’t match his larger-than-life personality as an internet icon. It turns out that acting is not a level playing field, and it demands and exposes in equal measure. Bhuvan Bam isn’t exactly a disappointment here, but he’s never good either.”

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