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Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam Movie

Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam Movie

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Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam Movie

Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam, is a 2023 Indian Malayalam-Tamil bilingual movie directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery and written by S. Hareesh based on a story by Pellissery. It was produced by Mammootty and Pellissery together. The Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam movie stars Mammootty, Ramya Suvi, Ramya Pandian, and Ashokan. The Movie is all about sleeplessness, spirituality, and fantasy.


Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam Movie released in theaters on January 19, 2023, and was praised by critics for its direction, writing, and cast members’ performances (especially Mammootty).

Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam Plot

The Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam Movie presents James’s life. Malayali tourists return to Kerala by bus from Velankanni, Tamil Nadu. James stops the bus in a rural Tamil Nadu village as the tourists sleep.

James enters a nearby residence and acts like a family member. He acts and speaks like a local Tamilian. It confuses his companions and the village residents. He becomes Sundaram, a family member who disappeared two yrs back.

Sundaram was the only one who knew the villagers as well as James did. James/Sundaram doesn’t understand why the village is changing so quickly, like when the temple was built after Sundaram went missing.

James’ family and friends plan to drug him and return him to Kerala for mental health care. After falling asleep, James rediscovers his identity and willingly returns home with them. Sundaram’s character was just a dream.


Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam Release

On December 12, 2022, the The Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam movie was premiered for the first time at the 27th International Film Festival of Kerala (IIFK).

Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam movie received good reviews, and there was a lot of demand in the world premiere. Both Mammootty and Lijo Jose Pellissery were praised by the audience.

Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam was released in theaters for the first time on January 19, 2023.

Home media

Netflix bought the rights to let people stream the movie. It released on February 23, 2023.

Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam Movie Review

Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakam Movie was praised by both critics and audiences.

  • The film received 3 out of 5 from Anna M. M. Vetticad of Firstpost, who stated, “Apart from the music and sound design, the highlight of Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam is its engaging central achievement.” The actor doesn’t give James or Sundaram any unique traits. Still, he does a great job of showing how different their personalities are. This makes it easy to tell who is who and when.
  • Sajesh Mohan of Onmanorama says that in “Nanpakal Nerathu Mayakkam Movie,” Lijo Jose Pellissery must have asked cinematographer Theni Eswar to watch the actors like a master of mindfulness. Because that’s what his camera records. Although the pictures are static, the frames are moving. Once the movie reaches Sundaram’s village through James’ siesta dream, the shots take on an aura that makes them like the Tao master’s visualizations. Theni Eswar does this by depending on the visual technique of frames inside frames rather than adding haze and glow or grading the dream sequence differently.
  • The Indian Express’ Manoj Kumar R. gave the movie a 3.5 out of 5 ratings and stated, “The images are almost peaceful.” Every frame reveals multiple stories.

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