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my fault movie 2023

My Fault (Culpa mía)

Quality: Year: Duration: 117 Min
1017 votes, average 8.3 out of 10

My Fault (Culpa mía): A Spanish Romance Film

My Fault (Spanish: Culpa mía) is a 2023 Spanish romance film directed by Domingo González in his directorial feature length debut and starring Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara. It is based on the Wattpad story of the same name by Mercedes Ron.


The plot revolves around Noah, who is forced to move into her mother’s new husband’s mansion, leaving behind her subtle and sober life, friends, and boyfriend, Dan. She is not interested in the billionaire life and misses her old life. However, her life takes a turn when she meets her new stepbrother, Nicholas, also known as Nick.

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Nick is a rich, spoiled brat who likes driving racing cars and winning bets. He is a womanizer and parties every day. At first, they hated each other, but they slowly fell in love with each other when Dan cheated on Noah. Things take a turn when Noah’s abusive biological father gets released from jail to get revenge from her mother Rafaella by kidnapping Noah.

Cast of My Fault Movie 2023 (Culpa mía)

The My Fault movie 2023 stars Nicole Wallace as Noah and Gabriel Guevara as Nick. Other cast members include:

  • Marta Hazas as Rafaella
  • Iván Sánchez as William Leister
  • Eva Ruiz as Jenna
  • Víctor Varona as Lion
  • Fran Berenguer as Ronnie, and
  • Iván Massagué as Jonás.


The film is based on the Wattpad story Culpa mía by Mercedes Ron, later expanded into a book trilogy published by Penguin Random House. It is a Pokeepsie Films (Álex de la Iglesia and Carolina Bang) production. Shooting locations in the Costa del Sol included Torremolinos, Manilva, and Marbella.

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My Fault Movie Release Date

The film debuted on Amazon Prime Video on 8 June 2023. According to Amazon Prime Video, the film reportedly attained the best opening three-day viewership figures for any non-English local original in the history of the service.

My Fault Movie Reviews

The movie received mixed reviews from critics. Lucas Hill-Paul of Daily Express rated the film 2 out of 5 stars, considering that it might be “Prime Video’s trashiest venture yet, but it at least arrives with a self-aware wink and two likable leads”. John Serba of gave My Fault a negative review, deeming it to be “an atrocious movie”, with the characters being otherwise “insipid and rudimentary”. Ready Steady Cut critic M.N. Miller faulted the film’s dialogue as “cheesy, Velveeta-like” and the script’s lack of focus as a case of “cinematic dissociative identity problem.”

My Fault 2nd and 3rd Sequel

Another movie of the franchise is Culpa Tuya or Your Fault, based on books from Mercedes Ron. The third movie of the franchise is Culpa Nuestra or Our Fault.

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