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Lucky Lakshman

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Lucky Lakshman Movie

Lucky Lakshman, a middle class youth, struggling in every aspect of his life has strained relationships with his girlfriend, parents, and friends. In a twist of fate, Lakshman is faced with a situation that turns his life upside down.


Lucky Lakshman (Sohel) has struggled in every part of his life since he was a child. This has made his relationships with his girlfriend and parents difficult. His college friend and girlfriend, Shreya (Mokksha), shows him a lot of love, but he can’t see it because he is so focused on his goals. So, what does he learn from life as he chases after false glory?

Review – Lucky Lakshman

The story begins in a coffee shop, where Lucky Lakshman tells the owner about his past. The owner doesn’t want to listen, but he does. In Gadwall, India, in 2008, the movie shows how Lucky  grew up, went to school, and became friends with Kiran and Charan. After showing his childhood, he talked about how angry he was with his parents and how poor he was. Lucky is now a young person who goes to college to study engineering.

When Lucky Lakshman meets Shreya, she falls in love with him because of how pure and focused he is. The story of his childhood is told well, but most of what happened in college seems unimportant. Lucky could have done a better job with his college years. Whether it’s bullying or school scenes. Instead of talking about Shreya’s family, it would be better to talk about her character.

Second Half of Lucky Lakshman Movie

  • The second half of the movie goes in a different direction than the first half and has more drama and emotion, which is good for the movie.

Sohel is a well-known actor who has already shown he is good at what he does on TV and in his earlier movies. He once again showed how good an actor he is by playing Lucky Lakshman. It takes a little while to get used to the character of Lucky, but as the movie goes on, you start to like him. This is a good showing for Sohel. As Shreya, Moksha did a good job of playing the ideal lover who puts values over material things. Other actors who did their jobs well were Devi prasad, Raja Ravindra, Sameer Hasan, Kadam Bari Kiran, Shani Salmon Anurag, Ameen, and Sridevi Kumar.

The music by Anup Rubens sounded good while watching the movie, but it didn’t stick with me afterward. I. Andrews did the cinematography. Prawin Pudi did the editing. And the lyrics were written by Bhaskarabhatla. Vishal did the choreography, and AR Abhi was in charge of the story, screenplay, and dialogues.

  • The plot of Lucky Lakshman goes back and forth between love and ambition, and there are a few interesting parts. Don’t have too many hopes for it.

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