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Kaalkoot 2023 TV Series Watch Online All Episodes

Kaalkoot 2023 : Watch All Episodes Online

Genre: Crime, Drama, Latest
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Kaalkoot 2023 : Watch All Episodes Online

“Kaalkoot” is a crime drama TV series in Hindi that premiered on JioCinema in 2023. The show was written by Arunabh Kumar and Sumit Saxena and directed by Sumit Saxena. The series that follows sub-inspector Ravi Shankar Tripathi, played by Vijay Varma, as he investigates an acid attack case in Uttar Pradesh. Ravi is initially unsatisfied with his job and plans to resign, but when the case is registered, he takes it on. However, he is not very serious about solving it, as the case was given to him forcefully and due to societal pressure for marriage.

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The story revolves around the challenges of finding the culprit behind the acid attack, with a low success rate of only 2 out of 28 cases in the past. The show depicts the complexities of societal biases and toxic masculinity that Ravi must navigate as he investigates the case. Alongside his work, Ravi must also balance his family commitments.

The series explores the investigation in-depth over eight episodes, culminating in a gripping climax that exposes the harrowing consequences of patriarchal oppression and collective guilt in society.

cast list for the TV series KaalKoot

  • SI Ravi Shankar Tripathi: Played by Vijay Varma
  • Parul Chaturvedi: Played by Shweta Tripathi
  • Ravi’s mother: Played by Seema Biswas
  • Constable Sattu Yadav: Played by Yashpal Sharma
  • SHO Jagdish Sahay: Played by Gopal Dutt
  • Shivani: Played by Suzanna Mukherjee
  • Mani Shankar Tripathi: Played by Tigmanshu Dhulia, Ravi’s father who is a professor and poet.

Kalkoot Movie Release Date

The highly anticipated TV series KaalKoot has finally been released, and fans can now watch it on the popular streaming platform JioCinema. The show made its debut on 27 July 2023, and viewers have been eagerly tuning in to catch all the action. With a gripping storyline and powerful performances from the cast, KaalKoot is set to become a fan favorite. Don’t miss out on this must-watch TV series – head over to now to catch all the episodes!

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KaalKoot Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1 – “Janam Din” (July 27, 2023)

Sub-inspector Ravi Shankar Tripathi is a hesitant and unconfident man who is unsure about his career in the police force and marriage. However, a chance encounter with Parul, an acid attack victim, sets off a chain of events that will change his life forever.

Episode 2 – “M for Mafia” (July 27, 2023)

Ravi’s encounter with Parul ignites a newfound determination in him to catch her attacker. The investigation begins, leading Ravi to question every assumption and delve into the darkest corners of the crime.

Episode 3 – “Rocky” (July 28, 2023)

As Ravi confronts societal biases against women and toxic masculinity, he faces hurdles in the inquiry. His colleagues’ fixed notions about the case further complicate matters, forcing Ravi to push against the tide.

Episode 4 – “Nail Polish” (July 29, 2023)

Clues begin to emerge, pointing to potential suspects – a jilted lover, an unknown stranger, or a chilling psycho.

Episode 5 – “Dus Nabbey” (July 30, 2023)

The investigation intensifies, revealing deep-rooted gender inequality and systemic flaws in society. Ravi finds himself entangled in a web of manipulation and deception as he strives to outsmart the culprit.

Episode 6 – “Ardhsatya” (July 31, 2023)

As Ravi inches closer to the truth, the threats against him escalate. He grapples with conflicting leads, leaving him bewildered about the identity of the attacker.

Episode 7 – “Ai-Makhtoob” (August 1, 2023)

The series reaches a gripping climax as shocking revelations alter Ravi’s perspective forever. The pursuit of justice not only brings the truth to light but also confronts viewers with the darkness within themselves.

Episode 8 – “Pathar” (August 2, 2023)

In the emotionally charged finale, the true monster behind the acid attack is unveiled, exposing the harrowing consequences of patriarchal oppression and collective guilt in society.


The first season of the TV series KaalKoot has received mixed reviews from critics. While Saibal Chatterjee of NDTV gave it a rating of 2.5 stars and noted that the show faces tough competition from other investigative thrillers, Archika Khurana from The Times of India rated it 3.5 stars and praised the show for its thought-provoking and sympathetic approach to difficult topics.

Shubhra Gupta of The Indian Express felt that the series Kaalkoot could have been tighter in terms of writing, while a critic from appreciated the nuanced storytelling and how it compels viewers to reflect on the harsh realities of society.

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Overall, the critical reception for KaalKoot Season 1 has been mixed, but it has still managed to capture the attention of viewers with its gripping storyline and talented cast. Fans of the investigative thriller genre may find it worth a watch to form their own opinions.

Language:Hindi, English

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