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Hostel Daze

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Hostel Daze | All Seasons – Watch Online and Download

Hostel Daze is a popular Indian television series that premiered on Amazon Prime Video on December 13, 2019. Created by Saurabh Khanna and written by Abhishek Yadav, the show follows the lives of four hostel friends in their first year of college. The series stars Adarsh Gourav, Luv Vispute, Shubham Gaur, Nikhil Vijay, and Ahsaas Channa in lead roles.

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Hostel Daze Review

The show has received mixed reviews, with some critics praising its humor while others have criticized it for trivializing serious issues faced by students. The series has also been remade in Tamil as Engga Hostel.

Hostel Daze All Seasons

Hostel Daze is a popular Indian TV show that has captured the hearts of many viewers with its hilarious and relatable portrayal of college life. The show has four seasons, with a total of 21 episodes, each lasting approximately 30 minutes.

Hostel Daze Season 1

The first season of Hostel Daze premiered on December 13, 2019, with five episodes. It introduced viewers to the show’s main characters: Ankit, Jaat, Chirag, Jhantoo, Akanksha, and Nabomita, who are all college students living in a hostel. The season follows their experiences as they navigate the ups and downs of college life, including exams, relationships, and friendships.

Hostel Daze Season 2

Season 2 of Hostel Daze premiered on July 23, 2021, with four episodes. The season picks up where the first season left off, with the gang entering their second year of college. They continue to face new challenges and obstacles in the hostel, including new roommates, rivalries, and pranks. The season explores the unique quirks and problems that come with living in a hostel and how the gang navigates them.

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Hostel Daze Season 3

Hostel Daze¬† Season 3 premiered on November 16, 2022, with six episodes. In this season, the gang is now in their third year of college and faces even more challenges and obstacles. They must deal with new academic pressures, relationships, and personal growth. The season takes a deeper dive into the characters’ personalities and explores their individual journeys as they continue to grow and evolve.

Hostel Daze Season 4

Finally, Season 4 of Hostel Daze premiered on September 27, 2023, with six episodes. This season is particularly poignant as it marks the final year of the gang’s college experience. They must face one of the toughest exams of their lives before bidding farewell to their beloved hostel and moving on to the next chapter of their lives. The season is filled with nostalgia, emotions, and laughter as the gang reflects on their time in the hostel and prepares to say goodbye.

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Overall, Hostel Daze is a must-watch show for anyone who has experienced college life or is curious about what it’s like to live in a hostel. Its relatable characters, witty humor, and heartwarming moments make it a fan favorite.

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