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Double XL

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Double XL (2022)

Satramm Ramani’s 2022 Indian Hindi-language comedy film Double XL stars Sonakshi Sinha, Huma Qureshi, Zaheer Iqbal, and Mahat Raghavendra in lead roles. The story centers on two plus-sized women, one from the rural state of Uttar Pradesh and the other from the city of New Delhi, who learn about themselves as they navigate life, celebrate female friendship, and embrace body positivity, dispelling the myth that size and beauty are correlated.

Rajshri wants to be a sports presenter on TV but is promptly told that she is ‘too healthy’ for it. Saira, a fashion designer also has hit rock bottom in her life after she is cheated on by her boyfriend. A chance encounter between the two leads them to London to discover themselves and challenge the norms of who’s a ‘normal woman’.

Double XL Movie Story

With the exception of one or two kind relatives, two oversized but talented women who live in diagonally opposite parts of the world. one in posh New Delhi and the other in a small town called Meerut are disliked by everyone around them. They make the decision to unite and share their talent with the world.
They are joined in their effort by two young, attractive men, and the four of them start producing something in London that can have people around the world staring in wonder at them. In the end, they do succeed.

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