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CBI 5: The Brain Watch Online in Hindi

CBI 5: The Brain

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CBI 5: The Brain

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K. Madhu and S. N. Swamy are the authors of the 2022 Indian Malayalam mystery-thriller film CBI 5: The Brain. In the movie, Mammootty plays Sethurama Iyer, a CBI officer, again. He is joined by a large cast. It is the fifth installment in the CBI film series.

The CBI 5: The Brain in Hindi came out in theaters on May 1, 2022. Critics and audiences both liked Mammootty’s performance and the nostalgic parts, but they didn’t like the other performances, the writing, the length, the old-fashioned narration, or the ending. Still, it went on to become a commercial success at the box office.

CBI 5 The Brain – Story

Aparna, a trainee for the Indian Police Service, and two CBI officers, DSP Balagopal and Inspector Vinay, talk about the Basket Killings case, which senior CBI officer Sethurama Iyer solved. In October 2012,  CBI 5: The Brain in hindi Home Minister of Kerala State Abdul Samad passed away while traveling from Delhi to Kerala. Suspicions intensify when Samad’s physician is also found dead under suspicious circumstances. A journalist named Bhasuran is found hanged the following day after leading protests.

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A police officer named CBI 5 The Brain in hindi Josemon is also found murdered. The police conclude that these murders are connected and dub them the Basket Murders. The case is given to DYSP Sathyadas, the son of former DYSP Devadas, a corrupt cop who despises the CBI 5: The Brain in hindi. However, due to his corruption, the I.G.C. Unnithan opposes giving the case to Sathyadas. Adv. Pratibha, Sathyadas’s wife, is in charge of the case and appears to be promoting the petition for her end.

CBI 5 Watch Online

The Kerala government and the Kerala CBI 5 Watch Online office eventually transferred the case to the CBI. Iyer and his team investigate the murders of Sam and Adv. Pratibha, and discover evidence that the murderer may be Mansoor. During the search, CBI 5: The Brain Watch Online Vinay finds a portrait that looks like one of the people he saw on CCTV recordings at the Delhi Airport. Iyer, his team, and DYSP Chacko discover Sandeep’s real name Paul Meyjo. When they question him, they find many pacemaker designs and notes explaining how to hack a pacemaker.

Iyer hypothesizes that the murder of Minister Samad was an accident and that Susan George. A patient of the late Dr. Venu and the wife of renowned physician Dr. George Abraham, was the intended victim. Iyer stays behind so he can question Susan, CBI 5 Watch Online who used to be called Ambika Mohan and was married to Unn. Unnithan had severe schizophrenia and was determined to eliminate his wife. Unnithan and Sam decided to kill Dr. Venu and Bhasuran. Josemon was jogging when he saw them planning something CBI 5 the brain in hindi. Unnithan instructed Sam to kill Josemon, and Sam then instructed Meyjo. Iyer visits CBI 5 Watch Online the prison and encounters Meyjo in his cell, who informs him that Iyer is his next intended victim. Iyer finds his challenge amusing and confidently walks away.

CBI 5: The Brain Release

CBI 5: The Brain Movie was released on May 1, 2022, as an Eid release. The movie stars some of the biggest names in Bollywood and has been highly anticipated by fans. The Burj Khalifa promo only added to the excitement surrounding the release.


A movie trailer was displayed on the Burj Khalifa on April 29. The film was released in theaters as an Eid release on May 1, 2022.

CBI 5 in Hindi OTT Release

Netflix acquired the digital rights to the film and began streaming it on June 12, 2022. The film’s satellite rights were acquired by Surya TV.

Overseas and in India, CBI 5: The Brain in Hindi grossed between 188 and 200 crores (US$25 million) at the box office.

CBI 5 – Review

The CBI 5: The Brain received mixed to positive reviews, with praise for the performances of Mammootty and Saikumar as well as Mukesh and Jagathy Sreekumar.

  • The Times of India rated the film 4.5/5 and described it as “an enticing and twisty crime thriller,” with the recommendation, “Avoid spoilers as much as possible!”
  • In an intelligently woven script, Mammootty transforms into Sethurama Iyer with ease, according to the Indian Express.
  • Anna M. M. Vetticad of Firstpost wrote, “Rather than staying true to the original’s tone, CBI 5 throws in bombastic and stilted lines in a misguided attempt to be contemporary.”
  • The Hindu remarked, “An unworthy continuation of a memorable series.”
  • “Mammootty still has some of Sethurama Iyer’s traits, but the movie can’t be saved,” said the News Minute.

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CBI 5 Watch Online in Hindi

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